Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogging, Take 2; (Staying Committed, Take 2 000)

I have returned to blogging after a four year hiatus. I suppose one could argue that it isn't really a "hiatus" when I only succeeded in making six posts in the first place (e-hem). A lot has changed in the past four years: I now have a daughter, a business, a haircut, a bit of common sense, and *hopefully* the maturity to pace myself and stick with something for more than two weeks. (In my world, fourteen days is the "magic number," the seemingly unattainable thresh-hold beyond which lies this incredible woman who is infinitely disciplined and blissfully dedicated to all of her commitments. I hate her. Very occasionally, I meet her. She is charming, of course, but all too quickly, she disappears in the smoke of a double-ended candle that has finally burned out, leaving me to clean-up a spattering of dirty loose-ends, diapers and the dog hair off of last night's dishes.)

Should you wish to see the original six posts, they can be located at
But now, I start afresh. Wish me luck, and thank you to all those who have inspired me through their own blogs, websites, facebook notes, etc. to take up my pen (or EeePC) and start writing!

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  1. yay, I'm glad you're back (:
    looking forward to reading!
    you can read my ultra sporadic blog at (we can be blog buddies (: )